Woohoo!  .. Site Update

Woohoo! .. Site Update

Posted by Nancy Vamvakas on on Jun 15, 2020

Yes you may well pinch yourself!  .. We certainly are! .. We have finally updated our store. .. Woohoo!

It's taken us 18 months from the time we started the project, and it is likely it will be another 6 months before it is complete.  We have wallpaper and upholstery calculators not far away.  (We are just trying to make an attractive and intuitive interface for them both).  Like our Curtain Fabric calculator we think it will be the best calculators of their kind on the internet (Yes we are already bragging). 

Apart from the cosmetics, we have also added some pretty awesome search functionality.  We are still tweaking and tuning our new hyper-search capability, so bare with us while we work at getting it right. 

There are other aspects of the site we still have to sort out, but essentially the site's been re-skinned and turbo-charged and we are trying to progress the work as quickly as possible.  .. so please bear with us!

.. I can't tell you how many countless hours and all-nighters it has taken to get to this point.   


Nancy | Ideal Drape Makers